Hi! I'm Amber. I love all things web and distributed, and I currently work at Stripe. I enjoy tweeting, writing, and (most recently) painting.

Some things I've worked on recently:

Hiree is a quick Javascript application that I built to keep track of the companies I was interviewing for my last year of college.

It features in-place edits, draggable categories, local storage, and my personal favorite, toggable smiley icons to indicate a mood toward a particular company.

Bombermen is a real-time, multiplayer, WebGL game I wrote with my friends Brandon Wang and Allen Chen at a hackathon.

After starting the Node.js server, you can play the classic Bomberman game with your friends to see who survives the longest without being blown up. Pretty great.

CrowdDb is a hybrid computer-human database research project that processes queries using crowd-sourcing if the data in the database is incomplete or if the query is asking about something that machines are notoriously bad at doing (e.g. entity resolution, matching photos).

We won Best Demo award that VLDB '12.

I (used to) teach a student-run Web Design course at Berkeley, and I wrote this website with my co-facilitators to handle various class instructional tools like roll-taking and assignment submission/grading.

(Note: It may have since been redesigned)

While in school, I took a Data Sciences course taught by Jeff Hammerbacher. Our second assignment was to, given nutritional data about different cereal brands, create a dashboard/visualization to display the data.

I love datavis—couldn't help but go all out on the design.

WebIDE is a collaborative (real-time) browser IDE complete with syntax highlighting, compile/warning line highlighting, method list via reflection and byte-code analysis, and in-browser console (with standard input).

Reorganize is a small Javascript application I wrote to help me figure out how to arrange furniture in my room, given that the room was very small and I had a roommate. You can add blocks of different sizes to represent furniture and closets/doors, then drag them around to see how everything will best fit.

I built the first version of Expendite when I moved into an apartment with roommates for the first time. The application (used by many of my friends today) splits expenses and keeps track of how much everyone owes eachother.